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Real results for real people

Cannot recommend Lydie enough

I initially went to see Lydie for a massage and during my time on the table I became aware of her many other services and projects. The massage itself was fantastic. Lydie was more than happy to receive direction regarding which areas needed a little extra attention and she is extremely knowledgeable about the body and the varying causes of referred pain. I have since returned to Lydie many times not only for massage, but for hypnosis and life coaching. I have found her to be a rather enthusiastic investigator into my psyche which has turned up a number of issues I was not previously aware of. As I said she is extremely thorough in her knowledge of referred pain, both physical and emotional. Her advice and perspective have been extremely enlightening and have led to a number of very positive changes in my life. The fantastic rapport we have makes me feel like I am spending time with a very dear and trusted friend every time I see her. I cannot recommend Lydie in any of her services highly enough!
Danielle Walker, Dec 2015

I have been completely restored

I have to say, I would recommend Healing Massage Solutions / Inner Territory to everybody. I have been completely restored with, peace, energy and a renewed positive view of life in all aspects thanks to Lydie. Her treatments actually work!
James Pisaniello, Jul 2013

5 star Amazing results

My family and I have used many different naturopaths, chiropractors energy healers etc. over the years, but without doubt Lydie is the best, most complete full understanding of a true holistic approach that I have come across. This includes hypnosis of myself and my teenage daughter who is on the Autism scale.
Lydie was telling me that she does too good a job and people don’t need to come back I said that is a flawed business model. Lydie take as long as it takes and do whatever you need to heal. Thank you.
Adrian Short, Sep 2014

Without a doubt Lydie is the best

As a long time sufferer of various impairing conditions, I have finally found a practitioner that “gets the whole picture” and addresses every aspect of my varied medical conditions. Lydie’s well noted skills are:

  • Simply extracting all the required details to know where to start
  • Effectively explaining and identifying issues before applying treatment that actually makes sense and actually works
  • Ensuring communication is not clouded by mystery of terminology
  • Allowing me to understand and better manage my own health

I would highly recommend Lydie for both a clear assessment and treatment of an ailment you don’t believe other practitioners (traditional or alternative) are understanding or properly addressing.
Mark Robinson, April 2016

The best massage therapist I know

I have known Lydie personally for a while now. Lydie is the best massage therapist that I have known. She really sets the body up in a way that is really hard to explain. I would recommend a massage from Lydie for anyone, lay person to sportspeople. Lydie has many more strings to her bow. Thoroughly recommend you call her.
Brian Hutchison, Nov 2015

Lydie explained how and why I was experiencing pain

Yesterday I was still feeling the aches and pains of some epic dirt riding last weekend. I was in need of some fast recovery before a 3 day ride this weekend, so I’d like to say thanks again to Lydie Cerantola-Eid at Healing Massage Solutions for fixing me up to be fit to ride again. After her treatment yesterday I slept for 14 hours last night and feel 100% better than I did yesterday.
Great experience - not only were my problems resolved, but Lydie gave detailed explanations of how and why I was experiencing pain from my sports injuries. Very friendly service and relaxed atmosphere.
Jamie Buchanan, Oct 2014

I feel 100% better

Lydie has great perception and intelligence. Her knowledge about the human body and mind is broad and deep. I have had hypnotherapy and massage sessions with Lydie and I leave her practice feeling clear in thought and light in body.
Eric Nagel, Nov 2015

Extremely knowledgeable and thorough practitioner

My experience with Lydie was a very positive one. She is an extremely knowledgeable and thorough practitioner, who is easy to speak to and is kind and compassionate. I would highly recommend her massage and would definitely see her again.
Micaela Georgiou, Nov 2015

I felt more alive and relaxed

Lydie has a way of relaxing you before the session starts. Her confidence in her abilities is evident right off. I felt more alive and relaxed, physically and mentally after the first appointment. Her knowledge and technique is impressive and refreshing. I will, and do recommend Lydie’s services to anyone I can. Even one session is a real breath of fresh air.
Gaffa Hanes, Nov 2015

I conquered my fear of flying

5 star! I initially saw Lydie for a general relaxation session as I was constantly feeling overwhelmed and on edge. Not only did Lydie ease my anxieties, but we delved into my intense fear of flying, I flew to Bali the next week and I was so relaxed fell asleep on the plane an unthinkable feat for me! I have seen Lydie since – I have been able achieve endless goals I wasn’t previously able to. So highly recommended!!!!
Daisy Eleanor Vasic, Nov 2015

I immediately regained my energy levels

The sinusitis relief treatment provided an immediate and lasting effect. I immediately regained my energy levels and dived in the organization of my daughter’s birthday party which was starting in the next two hours. Lydie has an individual approach showing know-how in managing the level of pain experienced by the customer and shows empathetic approach in resolving the problem. She is efficient and accurate in understanding the muscles tensions experienced in our daily life. As a health professional myself, I highly recommend her massage skills.
Marinette Cachin, Nov 2015

Can’t wait to go back

I had so badly strained my left leg at a ballet lesson that I couldn’t extend it. My mum brought me at Lydie’s and within 15min I could move my leg up in an arabesque! She also picked up another muscular issue that needed to be addressed and solved it on the spot. Can’t wait to go back for a massage!
Alexia Cachin-Hastwell, Nov 2015

Lydie rocks!

Lydie rocks in massage land and is one of the best masseuses on the planet!
Steve V, Jul 2013

I am free again

I experienced severe wrist mobility impairment after my daughter was born and both the obstetrician and GP could not help. Eventually, my yoga teacher told me she suffered the same condition and it took two years to resolve. A couple of years later, I felt worse off and was considering resorting to surgery. That’s when I heard of Lydie’s treatments and decided to give it a try. I was astonished to experience an immediate improvement of 75% at the end of the first session and was able to practice all Ashtanga’s yoga floor exercises without any pain. The second and last session reinforced and finalized the treatment. I am free again to enjoy yoga and can only strongly recommend Lydie’s therapies.
Sabine Rouillon, Nov 2015

I was sceptical at first…

I was sceptical but called on Lydie with severe shoulder pain. I thought a massage would see me through the weekend until I could make an appointment with a physio. The next day my shoulder was almost pain free and continued to improve without further treatment.
Ruth Sims, Nov 2015

Your massage therapy worked wonders

Thank you Lydie, your massage therapy worked wonders. My back problem (that I’ve had for 7 month) is all gone now and I’ve had no pain or discomfort for the past 3 days, it’s truly amazing. Not even my physio achieved that!! Next time I’ll come straight to you. Happy. Happy. Happy.
Sandra C, Nov 2015

I feel like a new person

I have been coming to see Lydie since April 2012 and I find her services absolutely amazing. I always feel like a new person when I leave. I wish I could come every week!
Christene S, Nov 2015

Pain free days after decades of chronic pain

I have been a chronic migraine and back pain sufferer for 20 years. Since I was 11 years old. My migraines started when I was 5 years old. My back pain got increasingly worse as I grew up. I suffer from a deformation in my spine that has led to severe scoliosis. I took pain killers for many years and became increasingly depressed. After stopping the pain killers I started to seek natural therapies and physio for pain relief. Since I have been to see Lydie at Healing Massage Solutions, I have had pain free days.
Annelie, Nov 2015

Lydie’s first treatment gave me instant relief

I found Lydie’s therapeutic massage was a life saver for me. I had fallen three weeks earlier and I was living with unbearable pain which the physio had given me exercises to do 3 times daily to help repair my damaged ligaments and they told me time would be the only healer. Lydie’s first treatment gave me instant relief and I felt 50% better. After 4 weeks and 6 treatments I was 98% better. Thanks to Lydie’s in depth knowledge, I felt that there was the support I needed to get over my ordeal, both physically and mentally. Thanks Lydie.
Silvana Olero, Nov 2015

She cares enough to share her knowledge

5 star. Lydie’s skills and expertise in providing relief to muscular and joint pains extends beyond the session itself. She cares enough to share her knowledge with her clients on how to self-alleviate and minimise future recurrences. I would unreservedly recommend her.
Philip Low, Oct 2015

Absolutely amazing

5 star, absolutely amazing! Haven’t felt this good in a long time!
Rachael Brady, Jun 2015

Her knowledge is impeccable

Lydie has the touch of a magician. Her knowledge of nerves and muscles connection to internal organs is impeccable. Lydie has not only the physical touch but the human touch as well. I suffer from scoliosis and sinusitis which triggers mild asthma. Lydie has the ability to reintroduce the energy flowing. Mild asthma is reduced, I can breathe better, (no use of Ventolin) tensions are gone. I am back to care for my family. Lydie uses natural product. Her gentle and calm personality is a balm to our busy life. I highly recommend her for her dedication and professionalism. MC, RN
Marinette Cachin, Dec 2014

The health analyzer old me more than my GP could in a year

I went to Lydie feeling worse for wear the other day and she put me on the health analyzer. It showed that either my pulse or blood pressure was not too good. I since had it checked, and as suggested, my pulse was high, and my blood pressure was dangerously low. It also showed that I was eating too much fish. I couldn’t work out why as I don’t eat much fish. Later that night I went to take my evening tablets and realized I have been taking fish oil supplements… It showed a whole heap of other things as well, I highly recommend the health analyzer, in a short time it told me more than my GP could tell me in a year. Lydie’s extensive knowledge of vitamins and minerals is astounding as well. Thank you so much Lydie. I will be taking my children to be tested also.
Linda, Nov 2014

My back is back into health

5 star. Lydie masterfully put my back, back into health, eternally grateful for her support and assistance. A true alchemist who will help you on your health and spiritual journey! Incredibly knowledgeable and generous, helped me immensely.
Alex Carletti, Nov 2014

My underlying stress has gone

I highly recommend Lydie’s experience and knowledge with various massage modalities enables her to adjust the treatment to meet your requirements. After one hypnotherapy session and my underlying stress has gone (and not returned). Amazing!
Vanessa Verstappen, May 2014