How my journey through chronic pain can help you

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Hello, I am Lydie and I am here to help you discover a better quality of life.

I am dedicated to helping people find their way to better health and well-being. Why? Because I understand the devastation that decades of chronic pain can bring.

Today, I am happy, healthy, living mostly pain free and able to do most of what I set out to accomplish. But I haven’t always been this way. For over 30 years, I suffered from chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Most people just don’t get how debilitating chronic pain is. But I can tell you – it completely took over my life...mentally, physically and emotionally, I was constantly exhausted and able to do very little.

Friends and family didn’t understand. I didn’t have a visible condition. There was no broken bone or bandaged wound to show my suffering. So, I was labelled a ‘whinger’ and ‘lazy’. But I wasn’t. I was sick. So sick that at the time, I honestly didn’t think that I would live to be the age that I am now.

I was unable to sleep and had to ‘budget’ my very limited energy in order to survive every day. My mind felt like it was in a constant throbbing fog and there were many times when I couldn’t even get out of bed. It got so bad that thoughts of suicide played in my mind.

Years of visits to GPs and specialists gave me nothing but a lifetime prescription for painkillers. I experienced some utterly adverse side effects from a number of over the counter medicines. And I found they didn’t cure me, just muffled some symptoms for a short time.

I knew there had to be more to it; a better way… I needed another approach to overcome my pain. So I studied. I read. I learned and I sought information to find the actual reason for my deteriorated health. I wanted to know what was causing my problems, so I could treat the source, not just the symptoms.

This led me to discover the power of alternative and natural therapies. I learned how they can address the root cause of health problems. I took a holistic approach to my health. And now, I have been managing my conditions without medication for years.

Today, on most days, I am pain free.

The difference to my life has been incredible. It has been such an awakening! And it stirred a passion in me to help others heal too.

I trained in a range of natural and alternative therapies and have been practising for over ten years now. I will never tire of helping people to restore their health.

I believe in the power of holistic healing and I know how it can change your life – if you let it.