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Q: Can I just book in for a massage? I’m not looking for other therapies at this stage.

A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes, that’s the preferred method of payment along with Paypal for bookings and prepayment :-)

Q: How can you find out what is causing my pain?

A: The Quantuum Health Analyzer is a revolutionary non invasive technology that provides a comprehensive picture of your health within minutes.

Q: How is your massage different to other practitioners?

A: I did my training in Switzerland and use a combination of techniques that deliver maximum results - lasting improvement is guaranteed. Experience has shown me that when an ailment returns after a few days, the likely cause is an organic disturbance to be dealt with.

Q: Do I have to sign up for multiple sessions?

A: No. I recommend maintenance sessions for optimal health and send a monthly SMS to ask if you need anything.

Q: Can I buy gift vouchers?

A: Yes, absolutely! Click here or follow this link: clikclik.com.au/store/?businesses_id=85#tab=gift_certificates